We extend a warm welcome to all of our current Energy Foundation grantees. If you need information and can’t find it here, please get in touch with the point of contact on your program team, or email us at grants@ef.org.

Applying for a renewal grant

Current Energy Foundation grantees who want to apply for a renewal grant should call or email the program staff contact for their current grant.

In order to be considered for renewed funding, reporting should be current for all Energy Foundation grants to your organization. Please use the following as a guide for preparing a grant report.


The financial reports should show revenues and actual expenditures for both the project in total and the Energy Foundation funds. Clearly show the amount funded by the Energy Foundation and how these funds have been spent according to the categories of the submitted budget. Use three columns for the report:
Column 1 – The entire project budget as included in the original proposal
Column 2 – The actual revenue and expenditures for the project
Column 3 – The actual revenue and expenditures funded by the Energy Foundation grant

Please include the following in the financial report:

  • Grant ID Number (G-####-#####)
  • A breakdown of staff labor by person or position
  • Proposed and actual project budget in the three-column format
  • A lobbying disclaimer: “Every expenditure charged to the Energy Foundation was strictly non-lobbying as defined in section 501c3 of the Internal Revenue Code.”

If any lobbying activities occurred within the project, with other, non-Energy Foundation funding, please do not include it in your report to us. However, if you feel it is important to include them, clearly indicate in the report that the Energy Foundation did not financially support those efforts.

If there are funds remaining to be spent at the time your report is due:

If this is an interim report and you are still within your period of performance, please provide details on how the remaining funds will be spent, and by when.

If you will not expend all funds by the end date, please request a “no-cost extension” from your foundation contact, or as the grant agreement states, the balance of the award funds must be returned to the Energy Foundation.


The Energy Foundation does not have an official format for narratives reports, but we suggest that they cover the breadth of work supported with Energy Foundation resources in summary form, and that they be three to four pages in length.

We need to provide our board with a written evaluation of every Energy Foundation grant. We compare reports with the original grant proposal, so it is important that reports be written with reference to the original work plan and budget.

After reviewing your original proposal, please include answers to the following in your final or interim narrative report:

  • Briefly restate your goals to explain what you were trying to accomplish.
  • Did you do what was proposed?  If not, why not?
  • What did you do?  List significant activities and outputs (reports, meetings, etc)
  • Did your project succeed?  What accounted for your success or failure?
  • What did you win?  Specifically note outcomes – wins in terms of pollution avoided, oil saved, investment created, etc.—and be quantitative where possible.

Also include:

  • The grant number (G-####-#####)
  • Any relevant news articles or written documents and/or any reports or other materials produced under this grant that have not already been sent to us.  Please send as a separate document.
  • A lobbying disclaimer: “Every expenditure charged to the Energy Foundation was strictly non-lobbying as defined in section 501c3 of the Internal Revenue Code.”

Please contact your program officer if you have any questions.