Our U.S. program teams work with networks of grantees across the country. These grantees represent business, faith, environmental, agriculture, low-income, and national security groups, among others. Some have been working with us for two decades, while others are new to the energy field, bringing a different voice to our mission. These stories introduce you to some of our grantees and showcase their success in building a new energy future.

Read about the New England Clean Energy Coalition’s work to help business leaders promote the economic benefits of the nation’s first carbon-trading program. And how, in another part of the country, the Southeast Energy Efficiency Alliance has established itself as an expert resource in an 11-state area, working with allies ranging from utilities, manufacturers, and government leaders to energy and environmental organizations, low-income energy advocates, and universities. In a third story, learn how the Truman National Security Project trains and mobilizes veterans in 46 states to speak out on the national security aspect of energy and climate issues.

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