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Priorities and Progress

Our work accelerates the transition to a clean energy economy by supporting policy solutions that create robust, competitive markets and the benefits they bring.

“In partnership with leaders across sectors, we are working to show how targeted investment and alignment with community-based goals will lead to a large-scale, just transition to clean energy.”

Jennifer Somers, Program Director, Energy Efficiency For All

Americans Reap Benefits of Clean Energy Jobs

From construction workers to solar installers to energy auditors, the fast-growing clean energy industry is providing well-paying American jobs—and the momentum continues. The annual U.S. Energy and Employment Report tells the story.

Total Solar and Wind Jobs by State:
0 – 9,999
10,000 – 29,999
30,000 – 49,999
50,000 – 99,999

Energy Employment by State Placeholder
Energy Employment by State

States Bring More Solar,Wind to Energy Mix

Policies such as Renewable Portfolio Standards—adopted by 29 states and the District of Columbia—are driving markets and shifting the energy mix to clean sources in states across the country. The U.S. Energy Information Administration tracks the data and trends.

Total Energy Derived from Solar and Wind
0% – 9.99%
10% – 29.99%
30% – 49.99%

Solar And Wind Energy Generation Placeholder
Solar And Wind Energy Generation