For a quarter century, the Energy Foundation has worked to accelerate the transition to a clean energy economy by supporting policy solutions that create robust, competitive, clean energy markets. We are nonpartisan and work with conservatives and liberals to help educate business and community leaders, policymakers, and the general public about the health and economic benefits of a clean energy economy.

Some recent media coverage of Oregon Governor John Kitzhaber’s resignation has included misleading statements about the Energy Foundation and our work. These voices are making claims based on mischaracterizations and exaggerations, so it is time we set the record straight.

The Energy Foundation’s nonprofit mission is to serve the public interest by helping to build a strong, clean energy economy. What was once aspiration is being realized today in communities across the nation with the creation of new jobs in emerging clean energy industries and a healthier environment today and for future generations.

We believe that good energy policies create innovative, competitive energy markets that in turn deliver affordable, reliable clean energy for U.S. homes and businesses. Since our founding 24 years ago, we have supported energy policy discussions with timely education and analyses.

Working with grantees across the political spectrum, we appreciate differing perspectives. We recognize that there will be more debates as the old 20th Century energy industry increasingly faces the disruptions caused by new technologies like solar power, wind power, electric vehicles, and highly efficient LED lights. But we believe that everyone—including those who defend the status quo—should be held accountable to their true motivations. To support our own claims, we make information about our grants available on our website, just like we do with our annual financial filings.

The consensus on clean energy and the climate is turning. More and more business, community, and Democrat and Republican leaders are looking for ways to move our nation toward a stronger economy based on clean, affordable, and reliable energy. For our part, the Energy Foundation staff of technical experts in renewable energy, building efficiency, and transportation remains committed to working with grantees nationwide, regardless of their political affiliation, to help realize the emerging new energy economy even faster.




The Energy Foundation is secretive and not transparent.
For 24 years, our financial activities, from the grants we provide to our annual financials, have been disclosed every year with the IRS on Form 990 and on our website. All of the grants recently cited in the media are from these publicly available sources.
The Energy Foundation is a “pass-through,” or a shell organization, for its donors.
The Energy Foundation is composed of energy experts who use their experience and industry knowledge to make grants to organizations that are working to show the benefits of the clean energy economy. Our donors contribute to Energy Foundation to tap this energy expertise, and EF staff is solely responsible for the grants we make.
The Energy Foundation is an “extremist, left-wing organization.”
The Energy Foundation is nonpartisan and works with organizations across the political spectrum. Our grants are available on a searchable database on our website.
The Energy Foundation is anti-free-market.
We believe competitive energy markets can deliver innovation along with big economic and health benefits across America. For a quarter century, the Energy Foundation has supported education and analysis that shows the benefits of policies that create robust, competitive clean energy markets.
In pursuing its objectives, the Energy Foundation operates just like the opponents of the new energy economy.
We advance the public interest while opponents protect private interests. We promote the creation of clean energy markets but don’t have a financial stake in them. Opposition funders frequently have a direct financial stake in fossil-fuel markets.
Tom Steyer is a major contributor to the Energy Foundation.
Mr. Steyer’s TomKat Charitable Trust is no longer a donor to the Energy Foundation. TomKat Charitable Trust funded us for only five years, from 2009 to 2013. On average, the TomKat Charitable Trust grants to the Energy Foundation were 0.65% of the total contributions and grants we received annually during this period.
Tom Steyer funded the work of Cylvia Hayes through the Energy Foundation.
The TomKat Charitable Trust did not earmark its donations to any specific Energy Foundation project. The Trust had no input on the Energy Foundation’s grant decisions.