The Energy Foundation would like to correct the record concerning its funding of a small number of not-for-profit organizations in Alabama that are working to advance competitive markets and build a strong economy based on clean, affordable, and secure sources of energy.

Information disseminated by the Alabama Coal Association and, more recently, postcards mailed by the Free Market Alliance, imply that, with help from President Obama and House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, we have “transferred” $2.7 million to four organizations in Alabama.

In fact, we are nonpartisan and pragmatic. And the transfers are grants, which we invite everyone to view in our grants database or in our annual Form 990s. We also invite you to learn more about our history and our programs, and to read the stories about some of our grantees—business leaders, veterans, and energy efficiency advocates.

The grants they mention were made over a three-year period and went to groups around the Southeast (not just Alabama), and funded a wide range of clean-energy work.

For those who are learning about us for the first time, you should know that since 1991 we’ve been working to build big markets for new energy technology—not just wind turbines and solar panels, but cars that go farther on a gallon of gas with less pollution, efficient refrigerators that save consumers money, and buildings that lower heating and cooling bills.

Our vision is for a healthy future powered by clean, affordable, and reliable sources of energy. We know that a vibrant, clean energy economy will strengthen our national security and offer American workers good jobs in thriving industries. This vision will help avert climate change and, most importantly, it will keep our air and water clean for today’s children—and future generations.

To achieve this mission, we fund diverse organizations all around the country—military, faith, labor, health, environmental groups and others. They include nonprofit organizations in Alabama and throughout the Southeast who, like us, want competitive markets, technology innovation, and a prosperous and healthy clean-energy future for their children and grandchildren.