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Our mission is to promote the transition to a sustainable energy future by advancing energy efficiency and renewable energy.

The Energy Foundation was launched in 1991 by three leading foundations who decided it was time for philanthropy to help the world meet its energy challenges. In 1999, with support from the David and Lucile Packard Foundation, the Energy Foundation established the China Sustainable Energy Program (now called Energy Foundation China), with an office and staff in Beijing. Our partnership of philanthropic investors is committed to building a new energy future.

Over the past two decades, the Energy Foundation has supported and coordinated sophisticated and effective networks of grantees and allies who share our vision of a prosperous and healthy future powered by clean, reliable, and secure sources of energy. We’re making progress in the largest and fastest-growing energy markets in the world.

The Energy Foundation is pragmatic and nonpartisan, dedicated to finding practical solutions that work in the real world. Our primary role is as a grantmaker, supporting groups to build the new energy economy. Our programs focus on making the buildings, power, and transportation sectors more efficient, and on advancing effective policies that open big markets for clean energy technology. Grantees include health, labor, environmental, faith, property-rights, clean-energy, and consumer groups, as well as think tanks, universities, and military organizations.

We believe that inspiring leaders to make smart, strategic policy choices can accelerate the growth of clean energy markets. Advancing renewable energy and energy efficiency can open doors to greater innovation and productivity—growing the economy with dramatically less pollution.

A thriving clean energy industry will offer workers good jobs in viable industries, strengthen national security, and keep our air and water clean and healthy—for today’s children and future generations.





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