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Philanthropy’s Pivotal $4 Billion Commitment to Combat Climate Change

A group of 29 philanthropists recently pledged $4 billion over the next five years to combat climate change—the largest-ever philanthropic investment focused on climate change mitigation. Kate Wolford, President of the Minnesota-based McKnight Foundation, was among them when they announced the pledge. Some of her inspiring comments are captured in a short video we share in this post. Continue reading

Charting A Path to Cut Transportation Energy Use in Half

A group of vehicle manufacturers, utilities, environmental and consumer groups, unions, technology companies, and mayors have released a report and launched a campaign to cut U.S. transportation energy use by 50 percent by 2050 while also improving mobility. This report is a blueprint for accelerating the transition to a clean transportation system that will increase access for all Americans and help cities thrive. Continue reading

States, Cities, Businesses Move Forward on Clean Energy as EPA Goes Backward

The White House has announced it will repeal the Clean Power Plan. Meanwhile, state, city, and business leaders across the country are moving forward with clean energy solutions that reduce air and carbon pollution and grow the clean energy economy, creating well-paying American jobs. They understand the economic, environmental, and health benefits of clean energy solutions and acutely understand the risks associated with dirty energy sources. Continue reading


Celebrating the Cheapest Source of Energy

It’s Energy Efficiency Day, and we’re reflecting on all of the benefits of energy efficient buildings and homes in making our indoor spaces healthier and more comfortable every day. We also are appreciating the more than 2 million people working to rebuild our homes, schools, and offices to be more efficient. Continue reading

Celebrating Latino Leadership on Climate Change

“Latinos from all walks of life and across the socioeconomic spectrum strongly support policies to move us away from polluting fossil fuels and toward a future of wind and solar power, energy efficiency, and stronger, more resilient communities. Our spirit and determination to create a healthier, better future cannot be stopped.” — Adrianna Quintero Continue reading

Green Bonds Offer Key Support to Clean Energy Transition

Green bonds were created in the last decade to fund projects that have positive environmental benefits, such as public transportation and access to clean water. Without question, green bond financing is one of the principal pillars that will support the world’s transition to clean energy, and sustainable environmental practices more broadly. Continue reading

Poll: Most Would Pay More to Help Others with Energy Bills

A new poll found that racial minorities and low-income renters are hit hardest by high utility bills. The polling also shows that Americans agree with policy solutions that we know help relieve the unfair energy burden for millions of families, improving their chance to keep a roof over their heads, to thrive and to enjoy a healthy quality of life. Continue reading

China Launches World’s Largest Carbon Trading System

This week’s launch bolsters China’s role as an emerging global climate leader, one committed to action on a suite of policies and programs to achieve its climate objectives. It sends a clear signal to emitters that they will have to take individual responsibility for controlling their absolute carbon emissions. Continue reading


Former EPA Administrator Gina McCarthy Joins Board of Energy Foundation

Energy Foundation today announced that former U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Administrator Gina McCarthy has joined their Board of Directors. “Gina is a tireless advocate for American workers across the country, and her experience and insight will be invaluable as we work to transition to an economy built on American innovation and clean energy,” said Eric Heitz, CEO and Co-Founder of Energy Foundation. Continue reading

Nicole Systrom Joins EF Board

  We are pleased to announce that Nicole Systrom has joined the Energy Foundation Board of Directors. Nicole’s credentials and insights in clean energy finance and entrepreneurship make her a valuable addition to our board. After accepting the board position, Nicole said, “As an admirer of the foundation’s work for over a decade, I’m excited… Continue reading

Kelly Sims Gallagher Joins EF Board

We are delighted to announced that Kelly Sims Gallagher has joined the Energy Foundation Board of Directors. Kelly’s expertise in China climate and energy policy makes her a valuable addition to our board. Kelly is Professor of Energy and Environmental Policy at The Fletcher School, Tufts University.  She directs the Center for International Environment and… Continue reading

Join the Energy Foundation Team

For a quarter century the Energy Foundation has worked to accelerate the transition to a clean energy economy. We support policy solutions that build robust, competitive clean energy markets, which in turn create jobs, drive innovation and productivity, and improve health.

Interested in joining our expert team? We’re currently seeking candidates for seven positions. Maybe one is right for you Continue reading

Energy Foundation Welcomes Jane L. Breyer as SVP for Strategic Partnerships

The Energy Foundation is delighted to welcome Jane L. Breyer as our new Senior Vice President for Strategic Partnerships. Jane has supported a wide range of philanthropic organizations in achieving their goals by leveraging her extensive networks, leadership experience, and approach to partnerships. She will lead a new team focused on strategic partnerships to bring more resources to the field and accelerate change in the U.S. and China. Continue reading