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Our New Logo Reflects Community, Collaboration

The world is a different place and the U.S. Energy Foundation (EF) is a different organization than in 1991, our founding year. Our work is much more deeply tied to communities across the country, to our diverse and effective networks of grantees working in every sector of the economy, and to our partnership of donor collaborators as we seek to accelerate progress on climate and clean energy. While the foundation and principles of EF have not changed, how we implement our mission, vision, and values has evolved—making us a field-leading strategic grantmaker. To accurately reflect the EF of today, we embarked on a journey in search of a new visual identity that truly represents our organization. 

We’re excited to share the new EF logo—a fresh look from the mark that was designed for us in our first year. We wanted a new visual identity that reflects today’s EF and one that will  carry us into the future. The new logo symbolizes our presence in the climate and clean energy space—working with grantees, funders, decision-makers, and other stakeholders—and our commitment to advancing a clean energy future and making a meaningful impact that ripples across and radiates in communities nationwide. 

It embodies and conveys a sense of growth, progress, inclusivity, partnership, and collaboration with all our allies in the climate and clean energy ecosystem. It also helps amplify our story in one image and reflects the modern-day, forward-thinking EF.

In partnership with the climate and clean energy community, we continue on our mission to secure a clean and equitable energy future to tackle the climate crisis.