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Our Work

Building a New Energy Future

Our work accelerates the transition to a clean energy economy by supporting policy solutions that create robust, competitive markets and the benefits they bring.



Millions of Americans are working in solar, wind, energy efficiency, and other clean energy jobs—and the sector keeps growing.



Cleaner sources of energy bring air quality and health benefits, particularly to our nation’s most vulnerable communities.

Security Green New


Clean energy enhances energy security by increasing the resilience of our energy supply.



Much remains to be done to secure the clean and equitable energy future we need to tackle the climate crisis.

Our Priorities

We adopt innovative solutions and use technological best practices across all aspects of our work as we strive to make clean energy relevant to a wider range of allies.

How We Work

We collaborate with partners to build and manage grant portfolios of diverse and powerful coalitions focused on promoting clean energy in the power, transportation, and buildings sectors.

Where we work

We work alongside grantees and allies across the nation to help educate policymakers and the general public about the benefits of a clean energy economy.


With its vast wind and solar resources, the West holds enormous potential to decarbonize its economy and deliver clean electricity to buildings, industry, and transport across the region.

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Clean energy is booming in the Midwest, thanks to abundant resources and growing policy action, creating jobs at nearly five times the overall rate for job growth in the region.

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The Northeast is home to the nation’s first carbon market and is a national leader in advancing energy efficiency and renewable energy policies.

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Energy efficiency and a growing base of clean energy industries is creating new opportunity in the Southeast to capture the economic, health, and security benefits of a clean energy future.

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Federal support for clean energy is a critical complement to state and regional action. Bedrock clean air and energy policies with a history of bipartisan support are the foundation of long-term progress.

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