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About Us

Our mission is to Secure a clean and equitable energy future to tackle the climate crisis.

Our Vision

U.S. Energy Foundation (EF) is a partnership of philanthropies focused on securing a clean and equitable energy future to tackle the climate crisis. Since 1991, EF grantees have made significant progress in the largest-emitting sectors of the economy in the states with the greatest potential for carbon abatement.

We envision a healthy, safe, equitable economy powered by clean energy. We believe a thriving clean energy economy can create sustainable opportunities, spur innovation, and protect our climate—for today and future generations.

We believe that targeted analysis and effective advocacy can inspire leaders to make policy choices that accelerate the growth of clean energy markets and technology deployment, growing the economy equitably with dramatically less pollution.

Our goal is to reduce energy-related carbon emissions by over one-third by 2030 compared to a 2005 baseline, putting the U.S. on a trajectory toward an 80 percent carbon reduction consistent with long-term climate protection. To do this, we invest to transform every sector of America’s energy economy and in every region of the country.

EF supports education and analysis to promote non-partisan policy solutions that advance renewable energy and energy efficiency while opening doors to greater innovation and productivity—growing the economy with dramatically less pollution.

EF funds do not support legislative lobbying or electoral activities.

Our Values

We lead with our values in every aspect of our work. We strive to be transparent and hold ourselves accountable to all people and living things.


We work together across our networks, stakeholders, funders, and internal and external teams through respect, authentic relationships, openness, and collaboration.


We develop and sustain a diverse and inclusive organization where collaboration is core to how we partner and work.


We support employees, grantees, and advocates by providing resources to help address unjust, historical barriers based on race, gender, culture, and identity.


We prioritize curiosity and risk-taking, with open dialogue to inspire growth and innovation.

Transformational Impact

We are ambitious in our pursuit to deliver game-changing, durable, clean energy outcomes for all.

Our People
“As we strive to achieve a clean energy future that benefits us all, it is important to center how both historical and present-day injustices have left BIPOC folks disproportionately affected by climate change.”

Bianca Joseph, Program Coordinator

“I want our government to make decisions based on reducing asthma attacks for people like my sister, saving the public money by reducing air pollution-related illness and missed school and work days.”

Emily Enderle, Vice President, States and Regions

“The Midwest—my home—is a leader in opening clean energy markets and creating jobs; leveraging the region’s progress will help accelerate America’s transition to a clean energy economy.”

Ryan Werder, Senior Advisor

“As a Nevadan, I'm confident that we can harness abundant clean energy to not only address climate change, but bring equitable benefits to communities, especially those most in need of investment and the advantages of a clean energy economy: jobs, revenue, workforce training, just transition, and healthier air and water for all.”

Mariela Hernandez, Program Director, West Campaigns

Our Partners
Heising Simons Foundation
Herbert Simon Family Foundation
Hewlett Foundation
Joyce Foundation
Lakeshort Foundation
Macarthur Foundation
Mckinney Family Foundation
Mcknight Foundatoin
Packard Foundation
Robertson Foundation

Sieja Family