We’ve done our best to anticipate questions that might be asked by grantseekers, grantees, and others about what we can and cannot fund. If we haven’t answered your question here, please email it to energyfund@ef.org.

Do you fund projects internationally?

We fund projects only in the United States and China.


How can I find out if my project meets your funding guidelines?

First, refer to our application guidelines, and visit our program pages to see what type of work we support. If you are still unsure, write a brief letter of inquiry describing the project, its purpose, and the amount you are requesting. You may either email the letter to grants@ef.org, or mail it to 301 Battery Street, Fifth Floor, San Francisco, CA 94111. We will respond to let you know whether a full proposal is warranted.


How long will it take to receive a response to my inquiry/proposal?

It will take approximately four to six weeks for us to review and respond to inquiries and proposals.


Do you have specific deadlines for proposal submissions?

We accept proposals on a continuous basis. There are no specific deadlines. However, please keep in mind that it takes approximately four to six weeks to review proposals and inquiries and to contact you with an initial response.


Do you fund the research and development of technology? (For example, development of new tidal energy technology, innovation in stationary fuel cells, new fuels, etc.)

We do not provide support for the research and development of specific technologies.


Do you fund energy technology commercialization projects?

We do not provide support for the commercialization of inventions.


Do you fund energy-related general-education projects? (For example, a documentary film, a radio program focused on energy issues, or an energy-related exhibition.)

We do not provide support for general-education projects, even when the subject is energy-related.


Do you fund energy-related building retrofits?

The foundation does not support the planning, renovation, maintenance, retrofit, or purchase of buildings, nor the purchase of equipment—even when the goal is to save energy.


Do you fund demonstration projects (for example, a model solar house)?

We do not provide funding for demonstration projects.


Where can I find information about energy efficiency-related rebates, incentives, or financing offered in my area?

You may visit the Database of State Incentives for Renewable Energy at for information on state, local, utility, and selected federal incentives that promote renewable energy. For links to state energy offices, visit the National Association of State Energy Officials. You may also visit your state or local public utility commission’s website to see if any rebates or incentives are offered.


Do you have internships available?

We do not offer internships at this time.


Do you offer scholarships?

We do not offer scholarships.