Energy Foundation China

A wind farm shares the landscape with fields of crops in rural China. Photo credit: China Wind Energy Association
By 2020, China plans to reduce its energy use per unit of GDP by at least 40 percent from 2005 levels, and increase the share of renewable energy to 15 percent.
With an emphasis on both national policy and regional implementation, Energy Foundation China assists agencies, experts, and entrepreneurs in solving the country's energy challenges.

About the Program

Energy Foundation China (formerly known as the China Sustainable Energy Program) seeks to support China’s transition to clean energy sources by building capacity and providing expertise to policymakers and practitioners.

China is the world’s fastest growing economy, and also the most coal-dependent. In order to maintain China’s economic growth and the health of its citizens, the country’s leaders are integrating cleaner, more efficient technologies into their energy markets. Since 1999, Energy Foundation China has served as a partner in China—working as an expert advisor to policymakers who seek to advance China’s clean energy industry.

Energy Foundation China’s eight programs include: Low-carbon Development Paths, Transportation, Renewable Energy, Electric Utilities, Buildings, Industry, Environmental Management, and Sustainable Cities.

Energy Foundation China is focused on the country’s institutions, but draws on its network of international experts to inform the strategies and programs it supports in China. It provides the knowledge and seed capital to pilot clean energy programs throughout the country, many of which are then adopted by the government once they’ve proved successful and economical. Energy Foundation China offers opportunities for experts and policymakers to collaborate around shared clean energy goals—and then helps ensure those goals are achieved.

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