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Our Efficient Office

The Energy Foundation recognizes the importance of energy efficiency in buildings, which are the largest consumer of electric power. Over the past two decades, we’ve supported efforts to promote building energy efficiency—through appliance standards, building codes, and utility energy efficiency programs.

work station
Offices and work stations are situated to take advantage of the abundant natural light available from the building’s large existing windows. Office and conference room walls contain recycled denim acoustical insulation. (Photo: Cesar Rubio)

When the foundation was looking for new office space in 2007, we saw an opportunity to bring together our mission and our facilities. By securing a lease in San Francisco’s Bently Reserve building—with its urban location that supports community connectivity—and working with a great team of architects, builders, and artisans, we created an office that was the first to earn LEED Platinum certification for Commercial Interiors from the U.S. Green Building Council.

The table in the main conference room is made from recycled Douglas Fir (from a dismantled Oregon lumber mill) and five decommissioned solar panels from Petaluma and Richmond, California. (Photo: Cesar Rubio)

To increase energy efficiency, we used daylighting, daylight harvesting technologies, advanced lighting sensors, an efficient HVAC system, and Energy Star appliances. To minimize the environmental impact of the build-out, the space incorporated locally manufactured furniture, recycled wood and steel, recyclable carpet, and insulation made from recycled denim. Low-emitting adhesives, sealants, paints, and coatings were used throughout the space, and 77 percent of construction and demolition debris was diverted from landfills.

Our office space is a showcase for the new technologies, materials, and processes that will enable buildings to be a part of the prosperous, low-carbon future we have promoted since our founding.