In order to effectively advance our mission, Energy Foundation program officers identify potential funding opportunities in accordance with our program strategies. We do not accept unsolicited proposals or letters of inquiry.
Grantseekers who have not been invited by the Energy Foundation to submit a proposal may want to visit the Foundation Center, GuideStar, and other resources to locate funding opportunities.

We extend a warm welcome to all of our current Energy Foundation grantees and invited applicants. If you need information and can’t find it here, please get in touch with the point of contact on your program team, or email us at

Applying for a Grant

When you apply for a grant or renewal grant, you will need to provide us with a completed copy of our standard Grant Application, a budget request form, your proposal, and supporting documents. Links to the required forms are listed below. Please be sure to read the first page of the Grant Application as it provides specific instructions as well as a list of supporting documents you’ll need to submit.

Regular grant instructions

End-of-Grant Reporting

Grantees are required to submit a grant report at the end of the grant agreement period. Use the appropriate template below for your financial report. Please contact your program lead or email for other requirements that may apply to your grant or for any additional questions.