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Person: Andrew Schenkel

As strategic communications is necessary to drive public support for ambitious climate policy action and mobilize key constituencies that will hold policymakers accountable over time, Andrew plays the key role of supervising regional staff, developing strategies, and raising resources to advance that vision. Andrew works with colleagues across EF to develop and execute communications and … Continued

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Person: Casie Yoder

Casie contributes a communications perspective to Energy Foundation’s state and regional strategies in the Southeast; manages the foundation’s state communications work and other regional communications contracts and grants; develops, tests, and shares guidance to advance key narratives across states and regions; connects state stories and national communications partners; and builds strong relationships and communications capacity among Energy … Continued

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Person: Traci Verardo-Torres

Traci guides EF’s strategies to build public support for clean energy and climate policies in California, a state that has driven innovative and urgent climate policy—and must continue to do so. Working in the state and in close partnership with EF’s West regional staff, consultants, grantees and advocates, and funder partners, Traci designs and funds strategies that create the … Continued

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Person: Dena Kleemeier

Dena supports the execution of Clean Transportation team grants through meetings with grantees, consultants and funders; reviewing grant proposals; co-managing the program budget; drafting programmatic reports; managing projects; and maintaining communication with grantees and funders. Dena has previously served as a Country Engagement and Gender Analyst at the NDC Partnership Support Unit through the World Resources … Continued

Go to Learning from Grantees: What We’re Doing Well, How We Can Improve

Post: Learning from Grantees: What We’re Doing Well, How We Can Improve

As part of our collective effort to continue learning, developing, and improving, U.S. Energy Foundation (EF) committed to working with the Center for Effective Philanthropy (CEP) to conduct and act on the findings of a Grantee Perception Survey and subsequent reports over the past 18 months. We are deeply grateful that the William and Flora … Continued

Go to Margrethe Kearney

Person: Margrethe Kearney

Margrethe develops and funds policy strategies that will achieve ambitious, equitable, and regionally-aligned policy goals in the power, transportation, climate, industry, and building sectors in the Midwest, a high-potential region for achieving meaningful policy progress. She works with internal and external partners to continually evaluate policies based on emissions-reduction potential, technical and market viability, and … Continued

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Person: Tia Tyler

Tia is responsible for supporting and integrating program management strategies within EF’s States and Regions Program. She also works with the Vice President, States and Regions to manage cross-regional budgets, grants, and funder reports. Prior to joining EF, Tia worked with The Center for Cultural Power as a Program Manager, where she commissioned Black, Indigenous, … Continued