The dots on this image represent weather stations that experienced a heat record between June and August 2011—almost perfectly covering the entire United States. 2012 was even hotter: the hottest year ever recorded for the U.S. Image credit: ClimateWatch/NOAA
The level of carbon dioxide in the earth's atmosphere is higher than ever before in human history—more than 400 parts per million.
Our goal is to reduce energy-related carbon emissions by over one-third by 2030 compared to a 2005 baseline.


We seek to build support for effective policies that would put a price on carbon and help us avoid the most serious impacts of climate change.

We support work to advance policy solutions at both the federal and state levels. Our grantees work on building carbon markets in leading states and regions such as California and the Northeast, and at the national level on a carbon cap or tax. We are working to build bipartisan support for policies that can help achieve this goal. Our grantees are leaders from a range of constituencies, as well as leading analysts and communicators who share our vision of using the power of markets to reduce carbon pollution.