Public Engagement

Public engagement work brings voices to the conversation—business, faith, environmental, labor, health care professionals, families, and many others.
Eighty-seven percent of Americans say the president and the Congress should make developing sources of clean energy a priority.
The Energy Foundation seeks to build national and state support for clean energy and strong climate policies.


Our goal is to change the public narrative about clean energy and climate change by engaging with influential allies and communities from across the political spectrum.

We synthesize strategy, identify leaders, and deploy resources in order to make the greatest progress. We enhance the impact of our grantmaking by building the communications and outreach capacity of grantees and partnering them with local public-affairs experts and cutting-edge outreach tools. Through understanding the distinct landscapes of regional and federal-level opportunities, we can build bridges and relationships with important constituencies—such as business leaders or the military—and connect them with influential decision-makers.

The foundation also supports the development and dissemination of effective national narratives and funds constituency engagement that support our policy objectives. We rely on best practices from behavioral and opinion research and evidence-based assessments to increase the effectiveness of this work. We lay the groundwork for coalitions to manage successful campaigns and achieve ambitious policy goals in the power, buildings, transportation, and climate sectors.