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Ten Signs in 2016 that Show the Clean Energy Economy is Here to Stay

Over the years, Energy Foundation grantees have helped to advance smart energy policies that save consumers money, create jobs, increase energy efficiency, protect our health through cleaner air and water, and curb climate change. While we face challenges in the coming years, major achievements this year in states, cities, and the consumer economy underscore that the transition to clean energy is accelerating and here to stay. Continue reading

California Just Raised the Bar on Climate Leadership—Again

[Update: On August 31, 2016, Governor Jerry Brown and legislators agreed to invest an additional $900 million in cap-and-trade proceeds to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, bringing the total to date to $3.2 billion. The article has been updated to reflect the change.] By José Carmona When it comes to reducing the risk of climate change and advancing a… Continue reading

Why Improving Fuel Economy for Big Rigs is a Big Deal

Leaders in the trucking industry were among those who recently welcomed new fuel economy standards for big rigs, buses, and other heavy vehicles. The rules will reduce carbon pollution and fuel consumption, among other benefits. Patricia Monahan, the Energy Foundation’s Transportation Program Director, explains why it’s a big deal. Continue reading


Foundation Voices: The Midwest will Keep Leading on Clean Energy

As the benefits of clean energy come into focus in states across the nation, philanthropic leaders are playing a more important role than ever in accelerating America’s transition to a future that produces more jobs and less carbon. Recent op-eds in Chicago, Detroit, and Cleveland illustrate the leadership of foundations in the nation’s Heartland. Continue reading

Lessons Learned from Building a Network

Current utility energy programs underserve low-income American families in multi-family housing. With support from the JPB Foundation, we partnered with the National Housing Trust and the Natural Resources Defense Council to look for solutions. We knew a network approach made sense. In a recent post in the Stanford Social Innovation Review, we share some lessons learned from that experience. Read it here. Continue reading

Our Clean Energy Future: Batteries (Maybe) Included

Curtis Seymour, Power Sector program director at the Energy Foundation, writes in a guest post in Energy Collective that while advances in battery storage are impressive and important, it may be a long time before we need them to achieve a very-low-carbon electricity system. To understand why batteries may or may not be a key component of such a system, it’s important to know how the electricity grid works, and how low-cost, commercial-scale technologies are already being deployed in service of a clean energy future. Continue reading


Nicole Systrom Joins EF Board

  We are pleased to announce that Nicole Systrom has joined the Energy Foundation Board of Directors. Nicole’s credentials and insights in clean energy finance and entrepreneurship make her a valuable addition to our board. After accepting the board position, Nicole said, “As an admirer of the foundation’s work for over a decade, I’m excited… Continue reading

Kelly Sims Gallagher Joins EF Board

We are delighted to announced that Kelly Sims Gallagher has joined the Energy Foundation Board of Directors. Kelly’s expertise in China climate and energy policy makes her a valuable addition to our board. Kelly is Professor of Energy and Environmental Policy at The Fletcher School, Tufts University.  She directs the Center for International Environment and… Continue reading

Join the Energy Foundation Team

For a quarter century the Energy Foundation has worked to accelerate the transition to a clean energy economy. We support policy solutions that build robust, competitive clean energy markets, which in turn create jobs, drive innovation and productivity, and improve health.

Interested in joining our expert team? We’re currently seeking candidates for seven positions. Maybe one is right for you Continue reading

Energy Foundation Welcomes Jane L. Breyer as SVP for Strategic Partnerships

The Energy Foundation is delighted to welcome Jane L. Breyer as our new Senior Vice President for Strategic Partnerships. Jane has supported a wide range of philanthropic organizations in achieving their goals by leveraging her extensive networks, leadership experience, and approach to partnerships. She will lead a new team focused on strategic partnerships to bring more resources to the field and accelerate change in the U.S. and China. Continue reading

Our Annual Report: “Clean Energy Markets: Investments and Innovation Serving the Public Good’

In the best of American traditions, competitive markets are spurring innovation and delivering big economic and health benefits for all of us. New investments in cutting-edge technologies provide local jobs, reduce electric bills, and clean the air and water—for today’s children and future generations. They also reduce carbon emissions, which will help the U.S. meet and exceed the goals set at the Paris climate talks. Learn more in the Energy Foundation’s Annual Report.
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