To search for a staff member, use the drop-down menu to the right. If you choose U.S. Programs, you may use the second drop-down menu to select a specific program. Energy Foundation China staff members in our Beijing office can be found on the Energy Foundation China website, in Chinese and English.



Dan Adler

Vice President, Power Strategies

Megan Briggs

Grants Coordinator
Department: Operations

Jennifer Bumgarner

Program Director, Southeast Region

Jose M. Carmona

Program Director, California

Cathy Clagett

Director of Human Resources
Department: Operations

Jenny Coyle

Communications Manager
Department: President's Office

Jennifer Croteau

File Clerk
Department: Operations

Carrie Doyle

Vice President, Public Engagement

Birgit Finkbeiner

Department: Operations

Kerry Fleisher

Senior Program Associate, Public Engagement

Amy Fuerstenau

Senior Campaign Strategist

Eric Heitz

CEO and Co-founder
Department: President's Office

Saw Htwe

Department: Operations

Jade Juhl

Senior Program Associate, Western Region

Jean Ku

Program Manager, Energy Foundation China

Sarah Lerhaupt

Senior Program Associate, Buildings

Jiang Lin

Senior Vice President, China Strategy and Analysis

Jian Lu

Accounting Manager
Department: Operations

Jason Mark

Senior Vice President and Director of U.S. Programs
Department: U.S. Programs

Taylor Marvin

Program Associate, Power

Katie McCormack

Program Director, Western Region

Kevin McGahan

Director of Finance and Grants
Department: Operations

Erin Middleton

Program Associate, Climate

Patricia Monahan

Program Director, Transportation

Matt Murray

Director of IT
Department: Operations

Theresa Padilla

Department: Operations

Adrian Robinson

Administrative Assistant, U.S. Programs

Regan Romaine

Program Coordinator, Public Engagement

Andrea Sanchez

Program Associate, Coal

Marcus Schneider

Program Director, Climate

Tina Seaman

Program Associate, Midwest Region

Lupine Seran

Director of Knowledge Systems
Department: Operations

Curtis Seymour

Program Director, Power

Alexandria Shen

Program Assistant, Energy Foundation China

Patrick Taylor

Grants Coordinator
Department: Operations

David Tuft

Program Director, Public Engagement

Barbara E. Wagner

Senior Vice President and Chief Operating Officer
Department: Operations

Devra Wang

Program Director, Power

Ryan Werder

Program Director, Midwest Region

Kate White

Senior Program Associate, Southeast Region

Kimberly Williams

Senior Program Associate, Renewable Power

Jacqui Wilson

Assistant to the CEO
Department: President's Office

John Wilson

Program Director, Buildings

Meredith Wingate

Program Director, Coal

Kathleen Yip

Senior Program Associate, Transportation