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Our 2013 Annual Report: “American Clean Energy Stories”

A man in Michigan charges his electric car with power generated from solar panels on the roof of his house and has plenty of energy to spare. Four hundred farmers in rural Texas collectively earn $10 million a year from a wind-turbine project on their land. A solar array installed at a U.S. Air Force base in Nevada saves $1 million per year in energy costs and provides resiliency in an emergency.

Stories from the future? No: These stories and many more are playing out across the country. Families, businesses, local governments, schools, and the military are enjoying the benefits of clean energy technology born of the long tradition of American innovation.

The Energy Foundation’s online 2013 Annual Report, “American Clean Energy Stories,” shares real-life examples of clean-energy advances such as wind and solar power, city-wide LED lights, and electric cars. Since 1991 our grantees have provided education and analysis to advance policies to build vibrant clean energy markets like these.

We tell three stories: energy efficiency, solar, and wind. For each, online visitors can click through pictures and videos from around the country, graphs that show progress, and quotes from local energy leaders.

The Energy Foundation works to build a prosperous and healthy future powered by clean, reliable, and secure sources of energy. A thriving clean energy industry will offer American workers good jobs in viable industries, strengthen our national security, and keep our air and water clean and healthy—for today’s children and future generations.

Our 2013 Annual Report shows why we are optimistic about a clean energy future. Explore the report here.