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Five Groups Where Mom is ‘Captain Planet’

Becoming a scientist or politician may not have been the plan for most people when they became parents. However, given the state of the global climate crisis and the lasting effects our children will inherit, the choice of many who identify as moms has led them to new careers and callings if it means protecting the legacy they will pass on.

This Mother’s Day, we’re celebrating a few of the moms groups Energy Foundation works with—organizations that are on the frontlines of calling for climate action and working to create healthy communities for today and future generations through advocacy, education, and inspiration.

Mothers Out Front activismMothers Out Front is a Boston-based group unified by the drive to protect all children from the climate crisis that impacts their health today and a livable climate for them tomorrow.

“Mothers Out Front, founded and led by moms, brings the moral authority and fierce determination of mothers to the climate movement, with a specific focus on children and the most vulnerable communities,” said Kelsey Wirth, Co-Founder and Chair of Mothers Out Front. “Fundamentally, we believe that one mother is a powerful force for change—and an organized group of mothers is an unstoppable one.”

Moms Clean Air Force gardenMoms Clean Air Force (MCAF) exists to protect children from air pollution and climate change. They envision a safe, stable, and equitable future where all children breathe clean air. MCAF is a community of more than 1 million moms and dads united against air pollution—including the urgent crisis of our changing climate—to protect our children’s health. They fight for Justice in Every Breath, recognizing the importance of equitable solutions in addressing air pollution and climate change.

Some recent work includes educating New Mexico decision-makers on the benefits of ensuring the state methane rule is more health-affirming. In Colorado, MCAF recently joined Governor Jared Polis and members of the Colorado General Assembly for a press conference outlining the governor’s bold plans to improve Colorado’s air quality by unveiling a package of environmental bills. Nationally, MCAF members testified in support of the proposed U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s methane rule and bipartisan infrastructure bill, advocating for funding for climate investments like plugging orphaned wells and transitioning to electric school buses. They want to ensure all families receive the same protections.

“As mothers, we are incredibly passionate about the health of our children, the air they breathe, and protecting them from the changing climate,” said Celerah Hewes, Project Manager—Campaigns for MCAF. “In the West, we have seen heat, drought, and wildfires in almost every one of our communities and we know that we must act because there is no time to lose. Our state coordinators in New Mexico and Colorado represent diverse experiences and backgrounds: including moms who are Latina (Ana R. in New Mexico) or Indigenous (Shaina O. in Colorado), and a mother living on the frontlines of oil and gas development (Laurie A. in Colorado). We all have different reasons why we came to this work, but we all have one thing in common: We are mothers who want to leave a better world for our children.”

Moms Clean Air Force was just featured on the Today Show as part of the program’s Earth Day coverage and focus on the women leading the climate movement.

Mountain Mamas group with childrenMountain Mamas is a nonprofit based in Montana and Colorado working to protect our air, water, climate, and public lands for future generations. Mamas envision a future with clean air and water for families, climate justice for all communities, and protected public lands that allow children to enjoy outdoor quality of life for generations to come.

They amplify the voices of and create spaces for moms to engage with decision-makers at the state and federal levels, through emails, meetings, earned media, and participation in events. Mountain Mamas also works to ensure that moms’ voices are heard at Colorado’s regulatory bodies, including the Air Quality Control Commission, which has been tasked with ensuring Colorado meets its state-mandated goals of reducing greenhouse gas emissions, as well as the Public Utilities Commission, which regulates state utility companies.

Mamas believe there is no greater voice to advocate for clean air and climate justice provisions than moms who are concerned about their kids’ health today—and also their future tomorrow.

Mothers and Others for Clean Air‘s (MOCA) mission is to protect children’s health by reducing the impacts of air pollution, environmental racism, and climate change throughout the Southeastern U.S. With Energy Foundation support, MOCA has leveraged its Georgia network of scientists, medical professionals, caretakers, teachers, youth, and allied organizations to build awareness that will lead to federal climate action, sharing knowledge through storytelling, promoting science-based research, and creating educational resources to drive advocacy for their mission.

MOCA also created this wonderful educational video focused on health and economics, in partnership with Energy Foundation. 

While not an Energy Foundation grantee, Science Moms is an excellent resource. The nonpartisan group comprises climate scientists and mothers who help moms who are concerned about their childrens’ planet, but aren’t confident in their knowledge about climate change or how they can help. Science Moms works to demystify climate science and motivate everyday moms to demand solutions that preserve the planet for their kids.

These are just a few groups working to create healthy and lasting climate and clean energy solutions that are making a difference in the quality of the air their children breathe, the water they drink, and the land they will one day inherit. These groups and individuals hold close to the belief that there is still time to act, and more people are joining them every day.