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Anusha Narayanan

Program Director, Fossil Fuels

Anusha leads the strategy development and campaign design for EF’s work focusing on transitioning away from coal and gas-fired power plants to clean, renewable energy sources and eliminating methane emissions from oil and gas production. She coordinates closely with the Clean Power Program and EF’s States and Regions Program to co-develop, fundraise for, and implement a strategy to transition away from fossil fuels. Anusha plays an influential role as a convenor to engage state- and regional-level campaigns, grantees, and stakeholder groups in the business, government, philanthropic, and nonprofit sectors.

Most recently, Anusha worked with Greenpeace USA as the Climate Campaign Manager, and also served as interim Climate Director and worked to develop long-term campaign goals, vision, and strategies to accelerate the phaseout of fossil fuels. Prior to that, she was a Senior Campaign Coordinator with Union of Concerned Scientists, and advanced clean energy campaign initiatives and policies.