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Mary Skelton Roberts

Senior Vice President, Programs

Mary Skelton Roberts leads Energy Foundation’s Program team and is a member of the EF Management Team. Working with Program staff, the board, and external partners, she synthesizes ambitious strategies that integrate policy, campaign, and communications thinking across both venues and issues. She also advances the foundation’s Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion work through program strategy, management practices, and organization-wide leadership. And, she partners with the Strategic Partnerships team, Program staff, and the CEO to secure the resources needed to advance EF’s program strategy.

Mary previously served as Co-director of Climate at the Barr Foundation, based in Boston, where she developed a robust strategy focused on mobility and land-use, two critical levers for reducing transportation related emissions throughout Massachusetts. In addition to her extensive climate and environment work, Mary also has extensive experience in mediation, conflict resolution, and negotiation, supporting U.S and international government, non-profits, and private corporations to resolve conflicts and produce better outcomes. A well-known champion and leader in the climate and philanthropy fields, she also provides thought leadership across the foundation community in her role as chair of the Hispanics in Philanthropy board.