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Meghan Harwood

Senior Program Associate, Efficiency and Markets

As Senior Program Associate for Efficiency and Markets, Meghan Harwood supports the work of Sierra Martinez, Program Director, Energy Efficiency; and Allison Clements, Program Director, Clean Energy Markets. She arranges meetings with grantees, consultants, and funders, tracks and manages the program budget, reviews grant proposals, drafts reports, and communicates with grantees and funders on a variety of issues.

Meghan previously served as Government Affairs Associate at Natel Energy, Inc. In that role, Meghan conducted energy market research and reported to the project development team. She also managed and drafted content for grant-writing, memo writing, and outreach to federal and state government entities, agencies, and other stakeholders. Meghan brings experience in communications, project management, strategic relationship-building, and state and federal policy advocacy.