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Meredith Wingate

Program Director, Fossil Fuels

Meredith Wingate guides Energy Foundation’s strategies for reducing use of fossil fuels in the electric sector and advancing carbon capture, utilization, and storage. Working in close partnership with the States and Regions Team, Meredith works to build capacity within the grantee network and support innovation in our work to reduce pollution and increase protections for communities. At the federal level, Meredith works with partners to defend and strengthen policies that reduce air and water pollution from coal-fired electricity generation and curb methane and volatile organic compounds (VOC) emissions from oil and gas extraction operations.

Prior to joining Energy Foundation, Meredith worked for 10 years on renewable energy policy in the U.S. and China at the Center for Resource Solutions (CRS). At CRS, she provided assistance to states around implementation of Renewable Portfolio Standards, renewable certificate tracking, and the interaction of voluntary renewable markets with emerging climate policy.  Before that, she worked for six years (combined) in the area of environmental compliance for Port of Oakland and Recology SF.